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Assignment FAQ


How do I hire a photographer or illustrator for an assignment?

After you find an illustration portfolio or photography portfolio you like on Applied Artworks, simply contact them by clicking the email link or phoning the supplied number. Click on website links, where available, to get more information about the artist. Negotiate the terms of the assignment and the artist fee directly with the photographer or illustrator, or their rep.


As a photographer or illustrator marketing my services, how do I get started?
Under Assignment, choose Purchase a Portfolio. Then fill in the form fields, including contact data, information about yourself (which will be displayed to prospective buyers), password choice and payment information. After this you will be led through the steps to upload your photography portfolio or illustration portfolio, with accompanying descriptions (which buyers will also see).


What does it cost to purchase an Assignment Portfolio?
The cost is $50 a year, or $30 for six months.


What payment methods are accepted?
The accepted methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard, American Express (Canada only) and PayPal.

How many images can I display in Portfolio?
Up to a maximum of 21.


What are the image specifications?
Maximum Width: 1000 pixels.

Maximum Height: 1000 pixels.

Maximum File Size: 600 KB.

Approved File Formats: JPEG (.jpg) (72 dpi).


How do I log into my account?
Click on My Gallery, and then supply your email address and password to log in.


After I set up my account, can I change, add or delete pictures, or make other changes?
Yes you can do this easily anytime. Simply log into your account. Click Edit Profile to change your bio details. Click Add Piece to upload another picture to your gallery (your photography portfolio or illustration portfolio). Click View/Edit Item to update a specific work's description and image. You can also choose Delete Piece.