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About Assignment


This online marketplace enables photographers and illustrators to sell their services directly to buyers. Anyone looking for a photography portfolio or illustration portfolio for commercial work assignments will have instant access to diverse talents around the world.


Assignment makes it easy to upload your illustration portfolio or photography portfolio and reach a huge audience of potential clients.


Applied ArtWorks will publicize the Assignment Portfolios through the extensive Applied Arts network, including the magazine, website, social media and promotions to specially targeted lists.


With Assignment, the role of Applied ArtWorks is to connect photographers and illustrators with potential clients. All agreements to provide services are made directly between artist and client. Applied ArtWorks is not involved in payment arrangements or other terms of service. Your use of Assignment, as a buyer or seller, is subject to the terms, conditions and policies set out in the ArtWorks User Agreement.


Why We Can Help You to Sell Your Services


Research proves that Applied Arts Magazine readers have major buying influence:
* 91% can recommend/authorize the purchase of original photography.
* 86% can recommend/authorize the purchase of original illustration.


Fees: For only $50 a year you can register your illustration portfolio or photography portfolio on Assignment. To set up your account, please click here.


Assignment may only be used for marketing services of photographers and illustrators, and not for the sale of photography or art in uploaded galleries, or other existing photography or art. Photographers and illustrators who wish to sell existing photography or art art should do so through ArtPrints


Assignment portfolios must comply with the Content and Prohibited Items sections of the ArtWorks User Agreement.


Assignment for Buyers!

Are you looking for great commercial talent? Applied ArtWorks is a user-friendly resource for designers, art directors and art buyers. Whether you're searching for a new commercial photographer or a unique illustrator, Applied ArtWorks offers an impressive list of talent – at your fingertips! An illustration portfolio or photography portfolio artist is easily found by keyword or category searches.