ArtPrints For Sellers!


ArtPrints is like having your very own online art gallery with your art for sale. For a small investment, you can set up your own online shop, without the burden of creating an e-commerce site. You also benefit from the marketing reach of the Applied Arts Media Group (AAMG), the parent company of Applied ArtWorks. It will be supported by an AAMG multimedia promotional program, whose established, popular platforms include Applied Arts Magazine, with a readership of more than 46,000 creative professionals, and, with its 1.2 million-plus annual visitors. Other support channels include social media (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest), daily blog posts and newsletter. Applied ArtWorks is the ideal online art gallery and marketplace to sell your art for sale! 




So your gallery is set up; what next? Here are easy steps to help you increase awareness of your offerings, which can translate into more sales.



Dazzle potential buyers with your online art gallery – show your most stunning imagery, paired with great descriptions that grab their attention.



Use social media, write a blog, send out a press release, and interact in community forums. Put your Applied ArtWorks URL on every piece of communication you send out.



Buyers love your artwork, so make sure they get it in the best shape possible and in a timely fashion. You are promising that they'll receive their purchase in two weeks or less. If they're happy with the transaction, they'll likely return for more.


Applied ArtWorks is a venue, not a retailer; the role of Applied ArtWorks is to connect the buyer and seller. This means that when a buyer places an order on ArtPrints, he/she is entering into a direct transaction with an individual seller, facilitated by ArtWorks. We encourage the two parties to work together to successfully complete the transaction.


Selling on Applied ArtWorks requires a small investment. Fees: $50 per year to register a Gallery and a 10% commission for each art print sold. Click here to see our Fees Policy.


Sellers are required to:

• Publish clear gallery policies using the tools provided by ArtWorks,

• Follow the Fees Policy set out in the ArtWorks User Agreement. 

• Verify payment was received before shipping an item,

• Provide an anticipated shipping time frame, and update the buyer if the shipping time frame changes,

• Ship to the address provided by the buyer during Checkout,

• Accurately mark the order as “shipped” and send a shipping notification using the tools on ArtWorks, and

• Retain proof of shipping and/or delivery confirmation that includes the date and recipient’s address.


To see how and when you will get paid for your sale, please check the Payment Policy in the ArtWorks User Agreement.