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Art buyers looking to buy art online will find a wide range of international photography, illustration and fine art talents in our ArtPrints online art gallery. Sift through work through keyword searches by item, artists or portfolio. Add work that you want to your Shopping Cart and go through the streamlined checkout process. You will receive your purchase within two weeks (10-11 business days). It’s as simple as that to buy art online.


Applied ArtWorks is a venue, not a retailer; Applied ArtWorks role is to connect the buyer and the seller. This means when you place an order on Applied ArtWorks, you are entering into a direct transaction and relationship with an individual seller, facilitated by ArtWorks. We encourage the two parties to work together to successfully complete the transaction.


Buyers search our online art gallery and join Applied ArtWorks for free. Buyers are not charged for purchasing an item. 



Buyers are required to:
• Read the gallery's policies before purchasing,
• Provide an accurate shipping address during Checkout,
• Check the gallery's policies and contact the seller before returning an item, and
• Retain proof of shipping and/or delivery confirmation that includes the date and recipient’s address in the event of a


To understand your rights as a buyer, please see the terms, conditions and policies set out in the ArtWorks User Agreement. We encourage you to review the Agreement carefully, paying particular attention to these sections: Payment Policies, Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy and Privacy Policy.